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Organic natural honeyavailable in every home

The belief of the founders of Biotiko is that organic and healthy food should no longer be just a luxury for a few, but to be available for everyone. 

Floreo honey is true elixir of youth and one of the healthiest natural products


High quality organic honey that originates from the region of Mariovo - one of the ecologically cleanest natural areas in North Macedonia


Floreo is more than just a honey. Floreo is a healthy lifestyle. Floreo is a message that we live healthy, and that we take care of our organism and body


The organic products of Biotiko are an emanation of the new modern lifestyle and the belief that a combination of dynamic life and a quality healthy diet, is possible

About Us

Biotiko is a company that deals with production and trade of organic and healthy food originating from North Macedonia. The founders of Biotiko are aware of the natural beauty and food potentials that this country offers. 

The healthiest natural food in the world, since ancient times, has been produced in these regions. Our goal is to produce and collect the highest quality organic honey from Macedonia and to export it to the whole world.

High quality products

Our products are carefully selected and according to the highest quality standards

Knowledge of the area

Ever since we were little children, watching our grandfather produce pure natural honey we have developed a sense of love for nature

Efficient distribution

Our goal is to enter into many markets across Europe and the Middle East

World trend of healthy food

Our company believes that sustainable economic development is possible only in a harmonious relationship with nature


Our 100% Natural Floreo Honey

250g, 720g

Mountain honey organic

Is characterized by its remarkable stronger taste and aroma.

250g, 720g

meadow organic honey

Contains natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


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